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In California, on August 18, 1999, Federal Judge Rudi Brewer (9th circuit) ruled in favor of America hairbraiders & natural hair association (AHNHA), that hair braiders cannot be forced to go to Cosmetology School where braiding is not taught, force to learn from texts that does not teach braiding, force to take a test on subject matters that does not pertain to braiding, force to take additional course in oder to teach braiding, or force to work or learn in toxic chemical environment, asssociated with a school or salon where chemicals are used, that has proven to cause miscarriages, birth defects, infertility, cancer and upper respiratory problems.


SB-235 in law (Effective 01/01/01) exempting hair braiders from cosmetology laws in the state. Florida has taken a very different approach. In 1994 it began to allow people to braid hair after a 16 hour health and safety course, the course does not need to be taugh in a licensed cosmetology school though the cosmetology board must certify the eight school that teaches it. The only major problem with the Florida license is that it does not permit the use of hair extensions, which is a necessary step in most braiding styles. Florida also took the unnecessary step of creating a separate licenses for hair wrapping. The cosmetology board announced in the paper that it has not been enforcing the prohibition against braiders without a license unless it receives a complaint.
Comments : I am licensed in Florida, I also provide continuing education for cosmetologist. I do not provide the courses needed to be registered to braid or wrap hair, but I do offer a course that is used for a licensed hair braider or hair wrapper to renew their registration. I would like to point out that you have a statement posted on your website that may have been partially correct at one time but is certainly not correct now and could cause your readers to make a decision that could cause them hefty fines. $500.00 per count to be exact. The statement is as follows, "The cosmetology board announced in the paper that it has not been enforcing the prohibition against braiders without a license unless it receives a complaint." You may at one time have seen an article in the paper that was written by a news reporter who through their interpretation of an answer given them by a board member felt that the board is not targeting braiders or wrappers, however it would not have been announced as such to the news paper by the board. Moreover, what the Florida board does and the way that they enforce policies changes nearly every time there is a change in the office in Tallahassee. Keep in mind that it is the inspector that goes into the shops that writes the tickets when they find someone practicing without a proper registration. And I can promise you that when they go into a salon they don't care if there was or was not a complaint. If you are touching a person in a salon in the process of providing any personal service including braiding the inspector is going to give the person providing the service without a license and the salon owner both a $500.00 fine for each person that is receiving a service. So if the person braiding the hair has two people their at the same time which happens, that is $1,000.00 to the braider, and another $1,000.00 to the salon owner. Again, when the inspector walks in to a salon he doesn't care if there was or was not a complaint, he gives any unlicensed activity huge fines. I attend Florida Board of Cosmetology meetings every time I submit a course for approval. Part of each meeting is the board reviewing cases of unlicensed activity,  I can assure you from first hand experience they do not cut any one that is caught without a license no mater what kind of license it is they should have had, any slack at all. When that inspector writes that ticket and you go before the board to contest it you are not going to get out of the fine unless you had a license and you just didn’t have it posted properly. Person practicing outside of the salon will also suffer the same fate if they are practicing without getting registered and an inspector becomes aware of the situation. It doesn’t have to be from a complaint it only needs to be brought to their attention. I have noticed that the stylist that go through the process of being licensed are very willing to notify the inspectors of the persons that are practicing with out a license. You of course don’t have to believe me, feel free to contact that Florida Board of Cosmetology and ask if persons practicing without a hair braider license will be ticketed if an inspector finds that they are practicing without getting properly registered, I can guarantee you that the answer will be yes, then will be given a ticket. Here is the contact information for the state of Florida to make it convenient for you. Contact Us :: 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee FL 32399 :: Call.Center@dbpr.state.fl.us :: Customer Contact Center: 850.487.1395

I would be upset if I was a reader that followed your information and then was given a $500.00 fine and my boss was given one as well.

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GEORGIA STATE COURT ruled (Circuit Action File #E-64995) on March 25, 1998, that braider cannot be included under cosmetology requirements. Superior Court Judge Jensonetta Tipton Carie ruled that…”the extensive (probably expensive) requirements for licensure for braiding are overly broad and bears no relationship to activities perform by natural hair stylist".

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